Spoken dialogue.

What better way to understand a character than by hearing what they have to say? This section features a number of quotes and dialogue from various episodes of Slayers TRY.

Episode 02 - Doubtful! A Letter from Home

Valgarv: I see. The Sword of Light... Gorun Nova has finally left the barrier.
Gravos: It looks that way.
Valgarv: And so has Lina Inverse...
Gravos: Lina Inverse?!
Armace: You've discovered Gorun Nova?
Valgarv: Yes. I knew who possessed Gorun Nova from the beginning.
Armace: In that case, there is only one thing left to do.
Gravos: I promise! We'll get hold of that sword!
Valgarv: No. This is too important to leave to you. There is one other thing in this world as powerful as the Sword of Light. I want you to find it!
Gravos: Yes, sir!
Valgarv: I'll take the Sword of Light and kill Lina Inverse myself! Just wait, Lina Inverse...

Episode 03 - Where'd That Arrogant Guy Go?!

Armace: The Holy Sword... You're saying that is the final weapon we seek?
Valgarv: There's no positive proof but at the moment we have no other leads. Our searches turned it up. In the meantime, I shall take Gorun Nova, the Sword of Light.
Armace: So, the hour you've awaited is at hand. They have come. Those who possess Gorun Nova have appeared before us. There is no need to hold back any longer. Now go and reclaim it!
Valgarv: As you wish, sir...
Armace: Don't slip up.
Valgarv: Of course I won't! (You think you can escape?! Do you, Lina Inverse?!)
Lina: Don't tell me it really is a mazoku!
Valgarv: In a way. We finally meet, Lina Inverse! I've waited so long for this!
Lina: Oh? You mean my name's spread all the way out to this world?
Valgarv: Heh. I see. You're as much of a smart-aleck as I've heard. How was a little witch like you able to defeat the Chaos Dragon?
Lina: Chaos Dragon?! Who are you?!
Valgarv: Who am I? Who indeed. Instead of an introduction, I'll give you THIS! He throws red firey energy at Lina.
Lina: This power! Could he be one of Chaos Dragon Garv's..?!
Valgarv: Correct. My name is Valgarv. One of the proud mazoku who served Lord Garv. Bring back memories? At the very least... this power is beyond any that you know!
Lina: Why are you doing this to us?!
Valgarv: You know very well why! So that you can know the anguish that Lord Garv felt! Lina Inverse! I shall kill you!

Episode 04 - On the Move! He's Out for Revenge!

Valgarv: How pathetic! Is this all you're capable of, Lina Inverse?!
Valgarv: Don't disappoint me. You have more tricks up your sleeve, don't you?
Lina: I see. You've inherited Garv's love for battle, haven't you? Well, I think it may be boasting to say you're Garv's equal... but it definitely looks like you're pretty powerful.
Valgarv: If you understand that, then start fighting seriously. It's the least you can do for someone who's traveled all this way just to kill you, right?
Lina: How about you? It's only polite not to treat an enemy you're facing for the first time like they're just useless cannon fodder.
Valgarv: Unfortunately, my nature won't let me be that generous. Not as long as you speak so insultingly to me! You understand, don't you? I won't show mercy.
Xelloss: I've finally found you, Valgarv.
Valgarv: Xelloss...
Valgarv: Working together, eh? That isn't very fair of you.
Lina: Don't tell me you want to fight one on one now! Garv took us on in this same set-up! Are you bluffing when you say you're as powerful as Garv was?
Valgarv: I see! You want me to prove that I am by taking you all on at once? Ha ha ha ha... what a transparent proposal. Sounds fun! Let's try it!
Armace: Ah... you're going to use Ragudo Mezegis, are you?
Valgarv: Yeah, an annoying mazoku has shown up on my trial.
Armace: Hmpf! That troublesome pest. Well, no matter. I'll give you one warning. Don't let your blade cross with Gorun Nova's.
Valgarv: Right. I won't.
Armace: Then take it.
Valgarv: I'll make you pay, Xelloss. And you, Lina Inverse! Ha ha ha ha!
Armace: He doesn't know the true horror of our weapons as I do. Just follow my dance as well as you can.
Valgarv: Armace...
Armace: Retreat.
Valgarv: Why? I'm so close to finishing them off! Why retreat?!
Armace: I said retreat.
Valgarv: Damn it... Mark my words, Lina Inverse! I will kill you!
Lina: Impossible... Who are these guys?!
Xelloss: Looks like another major battle has begun.
Filia: Is that... Is he the one who will fill the world with darkness?
Xelloss: Apparently so. Just as your prophect says... The threat to the world.

Episode 07 - A Peace Conference! This is the Dragon Shrine!

Armace: The light still has not been gathered?
Valgarv: Armace, tell me why. Why can't I fight them?
Armace: I told you the time is not yet right. Be patient and it will come.
Valgarv: The time isn't right? You told me yourself! If I helped you achieve your objective, then you would help me exact my revenge!
Armace: Your revenge... You wish to kill them?
Valgarv: I do! Lina Inverse and Xelloss, the triggers for the death of Lord Chaos Dragon Garv! I want to see them both dead! It is for that alone that I live on!
Armace: And didn't you say you'd first help me achieve my objective?
Valgarv: What?
Armace: The last of the five weapons we need is still lost to us. Wasn't finding them your task in this agreement? Besides Ragudo Mezegis, we already possess two others. The other two remained hidden somewhere in this world. One is known as the Sword of Light, Gorun Nova. But the location of the final one remains a mystery! Find it! Did you not give me your word that you would?!
Valgarv: Tsk...
Armace: I understand your desire for vengeance... but there is a reason we must hurry.
Valgarv: Tsk. Very well!

Episode 08 - Be Careful! The Plan Has Begun!

Valgarv: Why must I do nothing when Lina Inverse is right in front of me?! I'll never forget... The unforgivable sin of those who allied themselves with the Gods! Recalls flashbacks of the violence of the golden ryuzoku. Is this how the allies of the Gods act?!
Garv: You're a mess. Well? Answer me.
Val: And now a mazoku comes to kill me, is that it? Has Lord Chaos Dragon Garv come to see my misterable death? Begins to transform. In the end, there is no difference between mazoku and shinzoku. Collapses, transformation undoing itself.
Garv: You're finished, young Val of the ancient ryuzoku. Are you afraid? That you're dying now?
Val: What does it matter?
Garv: Heh... just like me.
Val: What?
Garv: I'm on the run from the mazoku now. You're like me, in a way. It just seems a shame that you're in such similar circumstances.
Val: A shame?
Garv: How about it? Won't you join forces with me?
Val: Join forces with you? For what?
Garv: Good questoin. For now, how about for survival?
Val: Heh... sounds pretty weak to me.
Garv: Not at all. It's just the thing to really infuriate the ones who want to kill us, right?
Val: Ha ha... I suppose so. But... it's too late now.
Garv: Hardly. There's one option. You die and be reborn as a mazoku. As my retainer.
Val: I see... That won't be so bad... Not bad at all.
Garv: I give to you my own name! Let your name now be Valgarv!
Valgarv: Armace! What are you doing?! You're betraying me?
Armace: Forgive me, but I have no time to compromise. My time grows short.
Valgarv: Die with the rest! Gods! Monsters! Humans! All stand in my way! Then I shall strike you all down!
Xelloss: Are you ready to accept your defeat as well?
Valgarv: I carry on Lord Garv's name! I won't die before I've had my revenge! Begins to transform into an ancient ryuzoku.
Xelloss: This is..!
Elder: An ancient dragon! Is it possible?! Can he be?!
Filia: An ancient dragon? What do you mean?
Elder: Just one of them had the power of thousands of our kind... and because of their violent nature was so detestable to us, we hunted them down and exterminated them!
Valgarv: Hear me, golden dragon! Is that the reason you give for why you hunted us down? YOU LIE! The truth is you golden dragons feared our power! Feared we would topple you from your rule of the ryuzoku!
Filia: No.. this can't be..
Valgarv: And for that reason you hunted us down and slaughtered us!
Valgarv: This "hateful" and "detestable" dragon's power will destroy you all!

Episode 12 - Selfless and Senseless! Pursuit Through the Labyrinth!

Jiras: (Flashback.) Lord Valgarv! Gravos... they got Boss Gravos! I'll get my revenge on them! I'll get my revenge!!
Valgarv: (Present.) Just you wait... I'll end everything here. I'll end EVERYTHING.
Valgarv: Xelloss...
Xelloss: It would seem that your dragon power is still causing you pain. Oh my. I didn't come to fight you. I came here for a different reason this time.
Valgarv: What do you mean?
Xelloss: Let's get to the point. The reason I've come before you is because I've been ordered to bring you to the mazoku's side.

Episode 13 - Instant Explosion! The Person Who Holds the Key!

Xelloss: Let's get to the point. The reason I've come before you is because I've been ordered to bring you to the mazoku's side. You see, the sad truth is that the mazoku has a shortage of talented people like yourself. The focus of this battle, the summoning of the overworld dark lord Dark Star, has become a very important matter to us. While the higher-ups were originally in favour of it, our current difficulties with the Gods make it impossible. Therefore, I'm prepared to grant a full pardon if you let me sign you up for the mazoku. Of course, we're prepared to compensate you for this.
Valgarv: Compensate me?
Xelloss: If you agree to join us, then the person responsible for Garv's death... In other words, Lina Inverse, I shall personally finish off for you. Oh, it's Miss Filia.
Filia: Xelloss! You'd trade Miss Lina's life to get Valgarv on your side?!
Xelloss: Oh? Are the priestesses of the Flarelord normally given to eavesdropping?
Filia: That's aside the point! Were you serious about what you just said?!
Xelloss: Of course I was! I'd gladly kill Lina with my own hands!
Filia: Aren't you Miss Lina's friend?!
Xelloss: No. I simply travel with Miss Lina's party because their objectives often overlap with my own. Please don't forget. I'm a mazoku, remember?
Filia: No way...
Xelloss: Now then... do you have an answer for my proposal yet? Will you join the mazoku or else?
Filia: Don't do it! Valgarv, joining the mazoku would be a mistake!
Xelloss: Oh, are you asking him to join your people, then?
Filia: W-Well...
Xelloss: You're just wasting your time, aren't you? Considering how you golden dragons murdered his kin, the ancient dragons. The golden dragons feared their power so much that they gathered a huge army and wiped them out.
Valgarv: Remembering the slaughter. Silence! Silence! SILENCE!!! You mazoku are no different! Didn't your race try to kill Lord Garv because they feared his power once he turned against them?!
Xelloss: Well, that is true...
Valgarv: Then a mazoku like you has no right to smugly lecture her on the reasons my people were killed! The only one who ever helped me was Lord Garv! And I will never forgive the mazoku who killed him!
Xelloss: Then can I assume you've no intention of joining us?
Valgarv: Take THIS as my answer! Attacks Xelloss.
Xelloss: I suppose so. I knew from the start that this was a waste of my breath. But I was ordered to make the proposal to you. I have another order to carry out now. If you didn't join us, I am to use any means necessary to kill you. I'm afraid I'm your enemy now.
Valgarv: You were my enemy from the start!!!
Valgarv: You son of a...
Xelloss: You shouldn't underestimate me, my friend. Despite appearances, I killed thousands of your kind in the War of the Mazoku's Fall.
Valgarv: And don't you underestimate the power I have!! I also possess the power of Lord Garv!
Xelloss: Is this really all the power Garv gave you?
Valgarv: Silence, damn you!!
Valgarv: So everyone's here now... Armace, you really have turned against me, haven't you?
Armace: That's not true, but I can't let you do this.
Valgarv: Don't assume you'll win because I'm outnumbered.
Valgarv: Let me tell you something: You only need these two weapons to open the gateway!
Lina: What did he say?!
Valgarv: Now that I have this, waiting until all five weapons were gathered is no longer necessary. Now wait here and watch as Dark Star consumes everything in this world!
Valgarv: Are you joining me? Gods, mazoku and humans... The curtain falls on this unwanted relationship. Where would the fun be without an audience to witness it?
Valgarv: This is where the door will open upon this world's destruction! In other words, where you will all die!

Episode 14 - Striding and Swaggering! Lamentation Without End

Valgarv: Don't you find this wonderfully ironic? That the power of Ceipheed and Shabranigdu's battle over this world will be used to open the gateway to summon Dark Star here. A fitting end to this miserable excuse for a world!
Filia: My name is Filia Ul Copy, daughter of High Priest Bazard Ul Copt and a priestess of the first Holy Order.
Valgarv: Ah... You're quite an important person, aren't you?
Filia: In the name of Flarelord Vrabazard, I pass down judgement upon you! Abandon your mad desires and repent your sins! If you don't...
Valgarv: If I don't? Go on and say it, you naive little girl.
Filia: "Anaku soro'mu nazak'u sakriim." Chaotic Disintegrate!
Valgarv: I will not be defeated by you. Not at the bloodstained hands of a golden dragon.
Filia: Wait! Please tell me! What you... What you said to us before... Did my people really massacre your race?
Valgarv: His expression softens slightly. Go home, little girl.
Filia: Please tell me! Tell me! Please tell me!
Valgarv: Gods! Mazoku! All who live! Now know how I feel! Know my suffering, know my anguish! Gorun Nova which cleaves! Ragudo Mezegis which pierces! Open the doorway to the dark star and let darkness be brought into this world!
Valgarv: Stand aside.
Filia: Please stop this! No matter what may have happened, destroying the world because of it would be a mistake!
Valgarv: A mistake? Yes. This entire world was a mistake from the start! The gods, the mazoku and everything else! And mistakes must be corrected, shouldn't they? It was Lord Garv who first tried to correct the mistake! I'm merely carrying on his will! By different means, though.
Filia: If killing me will appease your anger, then kill me now!
Valgarv: No. I won't kill you. You're going to end the world with your own hand. If you do that, you will wipe away the greatest sin of all! He forces her hand on the controls.
Filia: Stop it! Stop! Stop, please!
Valgarv: The gateway of destruction is now opening! Let this world 9be flooded by darkness! Ha ha ha!
Valgarv: Going to devour me first, you pathetic dark lord? Very well, then! You can have me!

Episode 25 - He Who Emerges from the Dark Star!

Elder: Ancient dragon... Even now, you wish for this world's destruction?
Valgarv: Well? How does it feel to be destroyed by one of those YOU destroyed? How does it feel to have your past mistake endanger the world? Well, servant of the gods?
Elder: Ancient dragon... I take all responsibility... However, I don't recall ever making a mistake!
Valgarv: In that case, your very existence is a mistake. Now begone! He completely incinerates the Elder. Nothing is left but ash.
Valgarv: The little lady...
Filia: I am the last of the golden dragons who served the Flarelord. I'm now just like you. I'm also no longer a priestess. I think I now deserve to talk to you.
Valgarv: Oh? Then I'll ask this: Who do YOU hate?
Filia: I don't hate anybody!
Valgarv: ...
Filia: Everything you said was true. So, how? How can I atone for the sin we committed?! How can I ask for forgiveness?! How do I quell the hatred you feel?! Valgarv! How many more must be sacrificed before you're satisfied?!
Valgarv: You don't understand at all. What I want isn't more sacrifices. What I want is the purification of the entire world.
Filia: You want purification?
Valgarv: Exactly. This polluted world itself is to blame! I'm going to return everything to its original form so it can start over.
Filia: Its original form?
Valgarv: Let me ask you this: Why does the war between the gods and mazoku eternally repeat itself? Why does the battle go on?! Sometimes the gods beat the mazoku. Sometimes the mazoku defeat the gods. So why do they battle for all eternity? Why?!
Xelloss: Thinking. That's not something no one in any world is allowed to know.
Valgarv: You still haven't figured it out? It's because we're all caught in a trap that somebody created for us!
Xelloss: Thinking. We are never supposed to have that kind of thought!
Valgarv: It's a cruel story, isn't it? Dark Star and Vorpheed, who are now part of me, told me all about it. Everyone is now exhausted. So why don't I just break this endless cycle of hell? Overworlders! The purification of all worlds is the wish of Dark Star AND Vorpheed!
Erulogos: What?! You're saying our own god WANTED us to be destroyed?!
Valgarv: Exactly! That's why Vorpheed merged with Dark Star and decided to purify and recreate your world!
Xelloss: Thinking. In other words, they're rebelling against their creator!
Filia: Thinking. Purification and recreation? God and mazoku joining to destroy everything? It can't be! Then all we've done... For what reason? Why must the world be..?!
Lina: You mind waiting a sec, pal? There's no way we're gonna let you do that.
Filia: Miss Lina!
Lina: Don't forget there's an acting representative for humanity here, too!
Filia: Thinking. Humans? The power between light and darkness! That's right! The prophecy said that the power of humans was necessary. But why?
Lina: Just 'cuz you guys have been trapped for a reaaally long time in some stupid pattern doesn't mean we have to die because of it! Staying alive is the most important thing to all of us!
Lina: What is this?!
Valgarv: Don't worry. Death does not await you. After the purification, you shall be reborn. The war between the gods and mazoku originally grew out of a supreme desire. However, the servants of the gods and the agents of the mazoku forgot what that desire was. And to defeat each other, they now fight only for the sake of fighting. How long must we be trapped in this useless war?! I possess both the desire and the power of the god Vorpheed and the dark lord Dark Star! I will break the cycle, destroy everything and start over! Recreate the world into the peaceful form it should be! The gods and mazoku must not be allowed to exist. You, whose lives are so brief! Humans! Why do you devote yourselves to living when you die so soon? Don't you want peace? Don't you think it would be better to change this world and end this eternal deadlock at last? Make it so no one would hurt anyone or be hurt by anyone?
Lina: Valgarv... Sorry, but humanity's still worth saving. Compared to you, maybe we do live lives that are too short. We're foolish, make mistakes and get hurt so easily but with each mistake, we improve ourselves! With each wound, we don't want to be hurt again! We keep moving on! We cherish the past, the present AND the future, so we want to keep moving forward! There's no way we'll let you ruin that! We're never going to stop because we LIVE!
Filia: Valgarv... if you really want to destroy the world to purify it, then why? Why do I see such sadness in your eyes?!
Jiras: I know why! Lord Valgarv, you saved me once! You're a good man! Please, come back to us! Lord Valgarv!

Episode 26 - Try Again! When All Returns to White!

Valgarv: To whom will you pray? The gods? The mazoku?
Filia: I don't know. I don't... I don't know what else I can say to you!
Xelloss: If we don't do this, it's the end of the world! Destruction by Dark Star or purification by Valgarv!
Filia: No, you're wrong... He doesn't want destruction or purification!
Lina: Filia, call on the power of the gods! Hurry!
Filia: I can't!
Lina: Filia?!
Filia: How can I do that?! After what my people did to the ancient dragons... if I kill Valgarv, then..!
Lina: Filia! This is no time to be talking like that!
Filia: I can't do it. I can't. I can't...
Lina: Filia! Make up your mind! Filia!! If you won't kill Valgarv, save the world or do something then you may as well lie down and die! But that isn't going to make anything right!
Filia: Thinking. Maybe she's right. Up until now, I've just stood by watching. I haven't done anything. Nothing... nothing. Nothing!!
Lina: Filia!!
Filia: Miss Lina, I'll do it!
Valgarv: At least, I die... It all returns to white...
Jiras: Lord Valgarv... Boss! Say it's not true, say it's not true!!
Lina: Maybe, in the end, it was Valgarv who most wanted to be freed from the endless cycle of hate.
Filia: Valgarv... She holds Valgarv's egg close to her. This isn't an ending. This is your beginning...