The people of the Slayers world.

For those new to Slayers, it can be somewhat overwhelming to understand the whole story without any background information. The world in which the series takes place is dominated by humans, shinzoku, ryuzoku and mazoku. While humans are fairly self explanatory, the other races that inhabit the world require a little more explanation to better understand their motives and the roles they play.


The god race. Unrelated to the ryuzoku, the shinzoku are powerful holy beings that exist to solely oppose the mazoku. The reigning shinzoku in the Slayers universe is Ceipheed while the one from Dark Star's world is Vorpheed. Shinzoku are few in the Slayers world so they act through their servants, the ryuzoku. Shinzoku are also empowered by positive emotion.


Literally the "race of dragons," the ryuzoku are powerful, sentient beings that serve the shinzoku and carry out their wishes. They are usually the direct opponents to the mazoku, acting on behalf of the shinzoku. There are many different types of ryuzoku but Slayers TRY revolves around the conflict between the golden ryuzoku and the ancient ryuzoku. Learn more.


The evil race. Living entirely on the astral plane, a level of existence separate to the physical world, mazoku thrive on negative emotions and desire the destruction of the world. The highest ranking mazoku in the Slayers world is Shabranigdu while Dark Star is the highest ranking mazoku from his own world.


The shinzoku are the complete and utter opposite to the mazoku and both races are essentially created to fight against each other for eternity until one race emerges as the victor. In the case of Dark Star and Vorpheed, they began to grow exhausted from their eternal battle and decided that they would end it all. Vorpheed sacrificed himself willingly to Dark Star and they merged to create an abominable agent of pure chaos.

Valgarv is both mazoku and ancient ryuzoku. Since both halves are naturally opposed to one another, Valgarv endures great suffering when he tries to awaken his ancient ryuzoku powers as a mazoku. However, his duality is also what ultimately saves him when he summons Dark Star, who is able to resonate with Valgarv through their shared nature.