Slayers TRY

An overview of the third season.

Adapted from a series of fifteen light novels by Hajime Kanzaka and Rui Araizumi, the Slayers anime consists of four 26-episode seasons: Slayers, Slayers NEXT, Slayers TRY and Slayers Revolution. While the first, second and fourth seasons have most of their stories adapted directly from the novels, Slayers TRY is unique in that its plot doesn't borrow any of its elements from the light novels at all. Hajime Kanzaka himself provided input in the development of the season.

The story of Slayers TRY begins with Lina Inverse receiving a mysterious summons from a person named Filia. Lina and her travelling companions (Gourry Gabriev, Zelgadiss Greywords and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune) discover that Filia is a golden ryuzoku and is a priestess at the temple of the Flarelord. Filia tells the group that an ominous prophecy has been made:

"There shall come a controller of a dark star who will call forth the light, and the world shall be flooded with darkness. Dragon's blood shall spread, and following the power between light and darkness, a single star shall be awakened. Around the star shall spin five lights, and the power shall be a darkness beyond twilight, a brilliance beyond the dawn. When the power is loosed, we shall fall to an arrow which will split the heavens apart."

Filia goes on to tell Lina that the elders at the temple felt that "the power between light and darkness" specifically referred to humans and sought to look for a powerful human to champion their cause. Lina reluctantly accepts the role and Filia takes her and her friends to the Flarelord's temple for more information.

As they begin their journey, Lina is attacked by a powerful mazoku who introduces himself as Valgarv, a loyal retainer to Chaos Dragon Garv. As he believes Lina to be responsible for his master's demise (an event that occurred at the end of the previous season, Slayers NEXT), he's come looking to kill her out of revenge. Lina and her friends struggle against Valgarv's powerful attacks until an old ally, Xelloss, appears. A powerful mazoku in his own right, Xelloss is able to go toe-to-toe with Valgarv and drive him off temporarily.

When the situation has calmed down, Xelloss explains to Lina that Valgarv has three goals: to kill her, to steal Gorun Nova (Gourry's sword of light) and to find another weapon similar but more powerful than the sword. The timing of this couldn't be worse! Could Valgarv's intentions coincide with the prophecy?