This site's history.

Originally titled Let's Fight!, this fan site for Valgarv was created sometime in the first quarter of 2000. The initial idea I had for the site was that it'd be a shrine to all mazoku, not just Valgarv, and Let's Fight! was chosen as the title because all mazoku seem to enjoy fighting. This concept proved to be a bit overwhelming for me and I decided to focus on Valgarv instead.

This site was lost on a previous occasion. The first was when I was approached by an individual who was looking to create a Slayers shrine collective. I thought this was an interesting idea and I moved the site to their domain. Unfortunately, they decided to trash the project without telling me and the site was lost. My best friend had also had her sites on this domain and we decided that we liked the idea of a Slayers shrine collective, so we bought Mazoku.org and moved our sites there instead. Later, Mazoku would change to Dramata.

Still, despite having a new home for our sites, I still had to rebuild mine from the ground up. I very nearly gave up on rebuilding it because it took such a long time for me to complete it and I wasn't altogether too interested in Slayers at the time. Eventually I pushed through my doubts and got everything finished. The last update to Let's Fight! was in 2004. You can see the layout at the bottom of this page!

As life took control of my time, I abandoned my hobby for about ten years. In 2014 I started getting interested in working on my sites again and in 2016, I finally came around to updating Let's Fight!. The first thing I did was change the name of it, as I felt the original title sounded kinda lame. XD After much thought, I chose The Devil Inside, a title that reflects Valgarv's duality, his merger with Dark Star and his general struggle through life. A new design was created and all content was updated to reflect my current standards. This update was also part of the Shrine Revamp event at Amassment!