Valgarv's weapons & powers.

When it comes to accomplishing his goals, Valgarv shows little restraint. When he attacks Lina, he clearly has no problem destroying the surrounding landscape. He's arrogant and confident, displaying a love for battle that is shared by Chaos Dragon Garv... which is to be expected since Valgarv grew up in a world where he's had to constantly fight for his survival. He's no stranger to violence and death, which makes him a fearsome opponent.

His tendency to throw himself into battle can make Valgarv a very dangerous opponent as he shows no mercy and doesn't hold back. This can backfire on him too: when he tries to activate his ancient ryuzoku powers as a mazoku, he doesn't think about the consequences. His ryuzoku and mazoku aspects do not mix well together and he's forced to withdraw from battle to try to cope with the pain brought on by his partial transformation into his ancient ryuzoku form.

As an impatient individual, Valgarv hates wasting time. While a mazoku like Xelloss enjoys taking his time to torture his enemies, Valgarv simply wants to get the job done as soon as possible. Even so, he still enjoys fighting, which is likely why he felt so disappointed that Lina initially didn't seem to be much of an opponent.


Having both opposing races within him clearly causes Valgarv much pain and agony but it's not without certain benefits. As a mazoku and an ancient ryuzoku, Valgarv has access to an insane amount of power. His mazoku abilities are on par with a high ranking mazoku like Xelloss, allowing him to teleport in the blink of an eye and generate powerful attacks from the astral plane where the true forms of mazoku reside. His mazoku-based attacks are red in colour.

A single ancient ryuzoku is said to equal one thousand golden ryuzoku in sheer power. As an ancient himself, Valgarv can access these powers albeit with some difficulty due to his conflicting natures. He can transform partially into an ancient ryuzoku, growing wings from his back that allows him to fly and transforming his arms into large, scaled claws. This also allows him to use magic exclusive to the ancient ryuzoku. The energy from his ryuzoku-based attacks are green in colour.


One of the five Dark Star weapons, Ragudo Mezegis is a lance of light that Valgarv takes from Armace to use primarily against Xelloss. The lance is so powerful that it takes a very powerful person to control the blade of light that is emitted from either end of the lance. Valgarv is powerful enough to use Ragudo Mezegis without much effort but his subordinate, Gravos, is unable to control the power of the weapon.

When Ragudo Mezegis' blade is crossed with that of another weapon of light, a powerful explosion occurs that begins to open a portal to summon Dark Star. Armace warns Valgarv not to cross blades with the Gorun Nova (the Sword of Light) but he doesn't heed Armace's advice. When he parries the Gorun Nova with Ragudo Mezegis, the two blades begin to wrap around each other in a chaotic blaze. Armace intervenes, separating the weapons from one another and effectively stopping the summoning.

Valgarv eventually uses Ragudo Mezegis and Gorun Nova to summon Dark Star. Once he's successful and is engulfed by Dark Star's darkness, the lance is no longer in his possession. After the fifth weapon is found, Ragudo Mezegis is given to Zelgadiss to wield against Dark Star in their final battle.