Sympathy from an enemy.

Before Ceipheed was vanquished many thousands of years ago, he split his remaining power into four shinzoku. One of these shinzoku is Flarelord Vrabazard, who commands many golden ryuzoku to do his bidding. Filia Ul Copt is one of these golden ryuzoku, a priestess of the Flarelord who believes her people would do anything to keep peace in the world. She's young as far as ryuzoku go, having lived only for a few hundred years. Thus, she is somewhat naive about the world around her.

When Filia discovers the existence of the ancient ryuzoku and begins to learn the truth about their extinction, her world begins to fall apart. She can hardly believe that her people were responsible for the death of thousands of innocents. She doesn't believe any of it at first but when she discovers the ancient ryuzoku temple lost in the far north, she learns that her kin have done unspeakable things out of fear. She can hardly handle hearing the truth and when she sees a past vision of Valgarv as a child, crying amidst the corpses of his family, she begins to have sympathy toward him.

The several times that Filia attempts to approach Valgarv, he actually allows her to speak her mind despite her being of the race that killed his people. He appears to have a soft spot for her, never attacking her outright, and seems to understand that she is young and had no part in the atrocities committed during the Kouma War. He appears to want her to understand that the life she's been living has been a lie and that all she's been told by her elders regarding his people were wrong.

Valgarv is repeatedly patient and polite toward Filia, even giving her opportunity to leave unharmed. This is going against his personality in every way, which indicates he cares for her on some level. Once Filia recognizes the truth, she feels disgusted and guilty that her people have not only exterminated the ancient ryuzoku, but lied about what really happened. Her disgust causes her to quit her role as a priestess of the Flarelord, having no wish to be associated with them any longer.

In Valgarv's final moments, Filia approaches him and tells him that she is the last of the golden ryuzoku who worshipped the Flarelord and that she's no longer a priestess. She asks him how she can atone for her people's crimes and what can she do to quell his anger. She's even reluctant to kill him even though he's merged with Dark Star, feeling that if she takes part in his demise, she'd be no better than the rest of her race. However, protecting the world from destruction takes priority and Filia takes part in the battle that ultimately destroys him.

After the battle is over, Filia does not feel victorious. She feels a deep sadness over the loss of Valgarv. It's then that a miracle happens: a tiny egg containing a reborn Valgarv floats down from the sky. Cradling the egg in her hands, Filia is beyond happy when she realises the universe has given Valgarv a second chance at life. She resolves to take care of him, adopting him as her own, so that she may atone for her kin's past crimes and ensure that Valgarv grows up and have a chance to live a happy, peaceful life.


The idea of there being romantic feelings between Valgarv and Filia is popular among fans of the series. Valgarv's soft spot for Filia and her sympathy toward him is an excellent beginning to a blossoming romance. However, as Filia adopts Valgarv as her child when he's reborn, the potential of them forming a relationship becomes questionable.

Fans of the couple are inventive and there are many fanfiction stories that provide alternate endings to Slayers TRY, where Valgarv survives the battle and is not reborn. This outcome allows for Valgarv to retain his identity and his age, allowing him to form a relationship with Filia. There's certainly a very strong appeal for Valgarv and Filia as a couple and even Rui Araizumi, the artist for the series, seems to recognize it's popularity. There's several official artworks done by him that show Valgarv and Filia embracing. Perhaps if the series did end differently, maybe they would have ended up together? I love the idea of tiny ancient-golden ryuzoku kids running around Filia's pottery shop... XD