Jiras and Gravos

Before we are introduced to Valgarv, we meet two of his loyal minions: Jiras and Gravos. We know little about them other than they are utterly loyal to Valgarv, obey his orders without question and are terrified of disappointing him. It isn't until later on in the series that we begin to learn a little more about both beastmen. When we learn how they came to be in Valgarv's service, we see yet another side of Valgarv that is quite unexpected: mercy. Both Jiras and Gravos were on their deathbeds when Valgarv approached them and gave them the option of death or revenge.

The choice that Valgarv offers Jiras and Gravos is exactly the same choice that Garv offered him. We don't know if Valgarv happened to stumble upon these two or if he was purposely looking for those in a similar state to himself... but it's clear that Garv's salvation affected him so deeply that he wanted to pay it forward. In return, Jiras and Gravos are just as loyal to Valgarv as he is to Garv. They also seem to understand that Valgarv has lived a tortured life and genuinely care about their master.

In the epilogue, we see that both Gravos and Jiras have joined Filia in her shop where she sells maces and pottery. They seem to be helping her mind the shop as well as taking care of Valgarv. It's heartening to see that their loyalty to him goes so deep that they would take the opportunity to care for him as an infant and a child.


As a very large, muscular lizard-type beastman, Gravos appears to take seniority over Jiras. In a flashback, we learn that Gravos was left for dead, having his left eye gouged out by his own kind. Valgarv appeared to him and offers him the opportunity for revenge. Gravos accepts the offer and his life is spared. We later hear him say that he considers Valgarv to be his saviour and would never betray him.

Determined to not let Valgarv down any longer, Gravos takes the Ragudo Mezegis from Valgarv while he's trying to regain control over his body. He proves unable to control the power of the lance of light and Lina is forced to use her Dragon Slave against him. He's believed dead until we see that he's actually managed to survive Lina's assault. We see him orbiting the world and in the epilogue, we see that he's managed to come back down and help Filia in her shop.


A wiley fox-type beastman, Jiras is a master of explosives. He's crafted all means of weapons that use gunpowder from hand grenades to cannons. Like Gravos, Jiras was left for dead when humans attacked the settlement he lived in. With his right eye gouged out and an arrow piercing through his arm and pinning him to a wall, Jiras had little hope of survival until Valgarv approaches him. After pulling out the arrow, Valgarv offers Jiras the opportunity for revenge and Jiras gladly accepts.

Although he appears to be somewhat bumbling, Jiras proves himself by eventually taking Gorun Nova from Gourry and manages to bring it back to Valgarv. Jiras was also the one to retrieve Ragudo Mezegis after Gravos was defeated, bringing it back to his master with a plea for revenge. Jiras stays by Valgarv's side through everything and when he believes that Valgarv has died when he's absorbed by Dark Star, builds graves for both him and Gravos. It's clear that both meant much to Jiras and it's heartbreaking to see him grieve over the loss of the only two people he had left in the world. He even tries to kill Lina himself in revenge for Valgarv's death! Naturally, he's overjoyed when he learns that they're still alive at the end of the season and joins them in Filia's shop.