Brief overview of Valgarv.

Name: Valgarv
Alias: Val Agares
Age: 1000+
Voice: Wataru Takagi (JP), Scottie Ray (EN)

As the antagonist of Slayers TRY, Valgarv appears to be a cold-hearted individual with loyalties to one of the Dark Lord Shabranigdu's subordinates, Chaos Dragon Garv. Aside from his desire to obtain revenge against Lina Inverse for this death of his master, we know little else about him when he makes his first appearance.

When we do eventually learn more about Valgarv's mysterious past, it would appear that the universe has collaborated against him, turning his life into a twisted roller-coaster ride of misfortune. While Valgarv is a mazoku when we meet him, we learn that this was not always the case: he used to be one of the ancient ryuzoku and his name was Val Agares. In a fit of rage, Valgarv tells Lina and her friends that the golden ryuzoku wiped out his kind in cold blood. Val had to live his life being hunted down as if he was some kind of lesser being and all that he knew and loved was taken from him.

Fortunately for Val, he managed to evade the golden ryuzoku long enough to encounter Chaos Dragon Gaav. Garv offered to end Val's suffering in exchange for resurrecting him as a mazoku. Val accepted and became Valgarv, a loyal subordinate to the Chaos Dragon. Garv became the only one that Valgarv felt he could trust and when he was destroyed, Valgarv vowed to get revenge.